Born in a hotel
Werribee west of Melbourne
She’s going to hell
Sells drugs to the priest, oh dear lord
Oh how she rocks
Rolls weed in tube socks
She sells them to old slimey men
And she doesn’t give a damn who sees her

She fell in a well that’s why shes messed up
Her families religious now that’s f*cked up
Sells ‘A Listed’ drugs in the west and east, f*ck me


Basically this was suppose to be to the tune of Teenage Dirtbag but I cant be f*cked trying to find words that rhyme anymore, so ill give you my life in dot points.

-Fam is religious
-She sells drugs
-Had to sing in the choir thats how she got her singing voice
-Sales in the west were dropping
-Made a tactical plan to sell in the east
-Met Cass
-Made history.

There, now go bloody use wikipedia, that probably has more detail. If not make one for me yeah.. and add that I have some sick super powers and make me the anti hero thats all like nonchalant that she actually saves the world whilst being a badass that doesn’t really give a shit.. Oh and make me have a really cool name, if you give me a shit one ill report you. tnx



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