Lil Minx are known as the ‘edgy’, ‘talented’ and ‘addicted to everything’ RnB group formed as a rebellion to the industry. Born and raised in the small town of ‘Melbourne’, Madison and Cassandra were two girls with a dream to make it big, no matter how that happened. One Directions 2010 UK X Factor win inspired the girls to spend all their Sugar Daddy money to try out for the 2011 UK X Factor. After successfully auditioning but finding themselves lobbed into the ‘group’ division, the girls were denied a position to be in the now greatly successful band ‘Little Mix’ and were kicked out of the competition. The producers excuse was that they “are not allowed to try to sell drugs to the cameramen or judges”-X Factor Producer 2011, but the real reason was because they “are two bogans and the brits couldn’t handle our f**ken talent.” – Cassandra 2011.


Once returning home the girls decided to mix their RnB talent and their way of making
money (selling some non-legal substances…) Originally the band consisted of three members Madison, Cassandra and Laura. 17797104_10203072789217303_70929680_oTheir direction was to sell physical music to
hide the sale of their substances (under the CD’s). Laura only being recruited for her talent as the tambourine player (even though her only talent was the triangle) was new to this edgy lifestyle. Trying her best to sell her share of CD’s, Laura made the rookie mistake of thinking a cop liked her raw talent ending in her 5th sale sending her behind bars.

 Now the group has moved on to better things.. without Laura. They have their new and improved team of their Publicist Mika and Manager Morgan. They’ve now released their new album *RUDEFINGER* and new merchandise (how they’re actually going to make money because their music sucks.) They will start their Australian tour in September, so lock your doors and hide your kids….